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Health & Safety

At the core of Lightstream's business practices, and in keeping with our values, is a high standard for health and safety – for the protection of our employees, contractors, public and the environment.

The following principles and responsibilities related to health and safety guide all employees and contractors working for Lightstream:

  • Management has implemented health and safety policies, procedures and programs to meet or exceed industry standards and legislative requirements. The leadership team at all levels supports and applies these requirements and takes an active role in program improvement. Performance measures and targets are established for our key program areas and the performance relative to targets are reported to the Board of Directors on a routine basis;
  • Management monitors compliance through audits and participates in field tours, inspections and group safety meetings. Lightstream management sets direction and targets for safety;
  • Management will ensure that employees, contractors and service providers are adequately trained and competent to perform their jobs in a safe and efficient manner;
  • Supervisors, at all levels, are responsible to continuously promote, reinforce and monitor worker's compliance to the our Health and Safety program requirements;
  • Compliance with safety policies and procedures and applicable regulations is the responsibility of all employees, contractors and service providers, and is a condition of employment;
  • We develop and maintain effective corporate and site specific emergency response capabilities, ensuring personnel are adequately trained to effectively respond to emergencies;
  • All hazards, near misses and accidents shall be immediately reported and appropriately investigated.
How We Do Business
How We Do Business
Rooted in Lightstream's values is a respect for the communities we operate in. We strive to operate safely, minimize our environmental impact and communicate with transparency.
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