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Lightstream conducts business in a manner that conserves resources and we strive to reduce our environmental footprint. We seek continual improvement in our environmental performance by setting, reviewing and updating environmental goals.

Lightstream's commitment to environmental protection is incorporated into its values and business activities through the following principles:

  • Managing operations in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations and industry standards, emphasizing emission reduction and environmental impacts. Lightstream, in the absence of legislation, applies cost-effective best management practices to promote environmental protection;
  • Environmental protection of air, land and water is an integral part of our project planning for exploration, construction, drilling and completions, operations and decommissioning;
  • Effective response to emergencies to protect the public, our workers and the environment;
  • Education and training to support a culture that seeks to protect the environment;
  • Awareness, leadership and accountability with respect to environmental protection among all our employees and contractors;
  • Conducting independent environmental audits to confirm that our management practices meet policy objectives and legislation with a sustained goal of continuous improvement;
  • Creating a climate of transparency when interacting with members of the public regarding Lightstream's operations that may impact them;
  • Taking measures to ensure efficient use of materials, resources and energy to reduce and manage waste.
How We Do Business
How We Do Business
Rooted in Lightstream's values is a respect for the communities we operate in. We strive to operate safely, minimize our environmental impact and communicate with transparency.
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