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Community Investment

Lightstream believes in being an active, contributing member in the communities where we operate. We believe that true community growth is a combination of economic, social and cultural development. By doing business in an area we are able to contribute to economic growth by creating jobs and supporting local businesses. We also make an effort to advance the social and cultural interests of an area by investing in the communities where we operate.

Lightstream's Community Investment Program is consistent with our values and aims to develop thriving and vibrant communities. We have focused our corporate efforts to-date on education and community enhancement. Our employees also participate in the process; we have a program to match any personal donations our employees make as well as an employee led donation committee. Below are just some of the examples of Lightstream's community efforts.

TELUS Spark Science Centre

Telus Spark Science CentreLightstream was one of the visionary sponsors for the TELUS Spark Science Centre capital campaign. TELUS Spark is located in Calgary, Alberta and in 2011, was Canada's first new purpose-built Science Centre in over 25 years. Lightstream was eager to be a supporter of the facility because we saw it as a valuable resource to promote science, technology and art to people of all ages. Lightstream's investment went towards building an Energy and Innovation gallery to feature creative exhibits that allows visitors to learn more about energy system and the important role it plays in everyone's day-to-day lives.


Drayton Valley Aquatic Centre

Drayton Valley Aquatic CentreIn 2014, Lightstream committed $300,000, over 2015-2016, to support the effort to build a new aquatic centre in Drayton Valley, Alberta to serve the communities of Drayton Valley and Brazeau County. As an active operator in the area, Lightstream was eager to support this project. The aquatic facility is one of five capital projects that make up the municipality's long-term Community Investment Plan.

Breton Community Centre

Breton Community CentreThe Village of Breton, located near Drayton Valley, Alberta, is currently raising funds to build a new Community Centre to better serve the needs of the area. The facility is planned to be a multi-purpose gathering space to host events, meetings, seminars and classes. Lightstream has committed $200,000 over 2014-2015 for the project in support of a place that will bring the local community together.

Flood Relief

In the last few years, areas of Western Canada have been devastated by flooding. In 2011, southeast Saskatchewan faced treacherous conditions that displaced people, damaged property and destroyed crops. Lightstream helped the local community by donating equipment and services, as well as funds, to flood relief efforts. In 2013, the city of Calgary and many surrounding communities faced a similar crisis, impacting thousands of people including many Lightstream employees. We donated $100,000 within days of the event. In both situations, we were proud of our many employees who volunteered their time to support those in need.

How We Do Business
How We Do Business
Rooted in Lightstream's values is a respect for the communities we operate in. We strive to operate safely, minimize our environmental impact and communicate with transparency.
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