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Our Values

At Lightstream we have four core values that are central to how we conduct ourselves as individuals and as a company.


We move ideas forward and make the best decisions for the company.  We don’t wait for someone to tell us what to do.  We see what needs to be done, we consider the impact on others, we take action, and we own the results.


We have an inclusive and open work environment and actively embrace a diversity of people, ideas, talents and experiences.  We have the mind-set that there might be a better way and continue to adapt, improve and learn. 


We care about those with whom we work.  We give our full attention to each other.  We operate in a manner that ensures our safety and the safety of our coworkers and the communities in which we operate.  


We have confidence in the knowledge, experience, and abilities of each other. We are all doing our best, and working honestly and ethically in Lightstream’s best interest.

Current Opportunities
Current Opportunities
We are an oil and gas company that strategically maximizes the value of our assets in an inclusive environment that promotes learning, innovation, and ownership throughout all job functions.
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